Madelina sat alone and thought about the peonies
the garden shew had tended in the sun.
Water makes the flowers grow
a captivating grim tableau
She’ll pinch and pull and clip them one by one.

Madelina took a walk and stumbled on a harlequin
and made him dance by pulling on his strings.
All the while she pinched and pulled and other forms of discipline
And cloaked in silk the sentimental things.

Roost upon a lacquered stool, a pinot gris her dinner date,
she makes it look so easy from her perch.
But underneath the grand veneer of things that others think are weird,
she’s just a schoolgril screeming in a church.

Make peace with the rain
Learn the rules, play the game
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
So it was and so it was.

—from the album So it Was