Another willing victim, another night on stage
Dancing in the footlights, seeking to amaze
A cleaverly companion standing by your side
Show them something special, except for what you hide

She left there in a hurry, never looking back
Do you go on the defensive, or first line of attack?
Years and years of practice, working on your craft
Living by your instincts; now you’re overdraft

Blue smoke and mirrors, a card inside your sleeve
Calling out a number, making weaker minds believe
You a master magician in your lair
The thing that’s right before you isn’t there
The trick is not to care, the trick is not to care

If seeing is believing, then what’s before you eyes?
The flicker of redemption, right before it dies
Is the sky a shade of blue, or phosphorescent green?
Basing your decisions on what you think you’ve seen

—from After Words, 2013