These are the songs so far. Five albums’ worth of material winnowed down to 13 songs. it all dates back to a time when a partnership with friend Rich went under the name “the Far Cry,” to eventually flying solo. Mostly, these are the songs that stand out in my head and that others seem to like best.  So we’ll leave it at “so far.”

And there you are. It is what it is.

Support comes in many forms, and not always musical. Just having someone encourage you can mean all the difference.

Rich is first and foremost. Amazing drummer, co-producer, co-writer (“Madelina,” “God’s Cruel Joke,” “Walk in the Sun,” “Lives of Desperation”) and oldest friend. Seven months older to be exact. Then there are many other musicians and friends of various ages: Ben and Jeremy Smith, Lynn Grunza, Kurt “the Colonel” Kratch, Cece Whittaker, Ted Sprague, Tony Jannota, Mark Schaffel, Mark Williams, Ozman Kivrak and the Sunrise String Quartet, and many more who lent their time and extraordinary talent. Also, a nod to the many people who crossed my path and gave me inspiration to tell their stories; whether they knew it or not. My deepest thanks to them all, for these songs would not have been possible without them.