There’s a reason they call these things “albums”. They’re snapshots of hope and heartbreak, of triumph and redemption, of pain and pleasure, of the future, of the past. For various reasons, this album took a few years to create. It started out as a single album, which is what most sane people do. But life got in the way here and there and delayed the process, and the songs kept piling up, and so, a double. And was each album is a journey, this one reflects the things I went through to get here. I changed alone the way and so did the songs. But in the end, they’re all me.

And so it is.

This album wouldn’t have been possible without the patience and support of Guardian angels Ben and Jeremy; best friend Rich who’s always there; Wyatt who stumbled in to the project and then wouldn’t leave. And to those unidentified but not forgotten, who inspired the lyrics or melodies, and to the many others who lent their time and talents and made each song that much better for it.

And so it was.