Modifications/Anomalies: Maybe the most modded guitar in my collection. Body changed from a Les Paul design: I trimmed the left top round to make it smaller and filled in the right horn with plastic wood. I replaced the pickups, eliminating the middle pickup and putting a rail single in the neck position and a humbucker in the bridge position. The pickguard was custom cut. The tone knob has a pull-switch that toggles the humbucker between single and double coil. The headstock was “French cut” and the B and G strings switched at the original Gibson tuners. I sanded off the original finish and repainted it matte black. The neck and headstock were sanded and stained.

Details: I bought this from some guy at Lucasfilm for about $50, and hated the sound and design, so it became the perfect platform for experimenting.

The idea was to create a humbucker version of the Rick Turner Model-1 used by Lindsey Buckingham. With nothing to lose, I hacked away at it and threw every idea into it that came into my head. The neck is a bit chunky (as are most Gibson necks), but it has a nice sound and always elicits gasps when I bring it out; along the lines of “What were you thinking?” Named for Margaret.

  • Model: Originally, Gibson S-1
  • Color: Black
  • Date purchased: 1985 from someone at Lucasfilm