Modifications/Anomalies: None from me, but this remarkable Gibson had been heavily modded by someone who cut out the body just above the bridge to add an electric pickup, and they did a lousy job. This chopping created a long crack across the center of the top. Someone also added eight rhinestones in the opposite sides of the headstock above the keys, and one or two have fallen out.

Details: I wrote a song called “Next Time Around” that had a country feel to it and needed a mandolin track. Not knowing any players, I decided to teach myself. Friend Rich and I were at a guitar show and I saw it on one of the tables. I liked it right away; especially that it was made in 1956. It played well and had a nice tone despite its age and mods. I never used the pickup in recording, but it still works. I used this mandolin on “Next Time Around” and retired it right after that. It now hangs on the wall in my house.

  • Color: Sunburst
  • Date purchased: Early 1990's