Modifications/Anomalies: Re-cut headstock; glued tuning key.

Details: The Goya is Martin Guitar’s Japanese budget brand. I got this guitar in a trade for an amp with Gil Southworth of Southworth Guitars. I originally bought it to play classical tracks during the years at EOP studios in the 90’s. It plays a bit clunky but has a nice tone. Years later, in 2010, Jeremy brought it to WJHS to play in his guitar class, since it was miles better than the beat-up instruments they have there. But the high E plastic key came off and I re-glued it. Other than that, it’s stock. Well, except for the headstock. Ok, so why re-cut it? Because it was originally cut straight-across and looked like a flat-top haircut, so I gave it a French curve.

  • Color: Natural
  • Date purchased: Mid 1990's