Modifications/Anomalies: None; it still has the stings it came with.

Details: Funny story. This Kay model was sold by Sears for next to nothing back in the 60’s, and my parents bought my sister Judy one. I assumed it was the success of the Beatles and folk groups that inspired her. It didn’t take for her and I picked it up and learned to play guitar on it. When Judy left home for college she took it back and I assumed she later sold it or thrown it away. Years later, I’m in The Guitar Shop in D.C. and see the same guitar hanging on the wall, covered in dust. I make the guy an offer and take it home. I’m sure this is Judy’s old guitar, and thought so for many years, until I came across an old photo of me playing the Kay when I was about 10 and noticed in the photo that the painted-on pickguard is slightly different. After some research I found that the one I have and the one I had are almost identical models from the same era. Close, but not Judy’s. No worries. It still harkens back to the days I spent listening to records and learning chords and solos on my beat-up old Kay. I’ve since used its plinky twang on a soundtrack for a movie about a Depression-era photographer called “Stryker’s America”. One other note: I recently went back to the Guitar Shop (it’s still there; it’ll always be there) and told the same salesman the whole story. He laughed and said the Kay is still sought after; a few years back Springsteen was in town and bought one from him. Connecticut Avenue Freeze Out.

  • Color: Sunburst
  • Date purchased: 2001