Modifications/Anomalies: Replaced picguard, new pickguard, new headstock logo and Schaller tuners.

Details: This started out at a Fender Bullet Strat; very light with a great neck. Don’t know what the type of blue is called but it’s very distinctive. I changed the original white pickguard for the blue tortise and of course put in better Fender Strat single coils. But the best feature was an inspiration brought on by friend Rich moving from Bethesda to New Jersey. As we were cleaning out his house, he gave me two of his old Rogers toms that had been damaged beyond repair (he had replaced them with Yamahas I think.) I kept the little metal logo tags and decided to put one on the headstock of this guitar as a tribute to the heydays of the Bethesda-based EOP studios that were moving to NJ with him. But I didn’t put the logo on straight, and in 2010, I pulled it off and reapplied it, and if you look carefully you can see the ghost of the previous position. It’s one of my favorite noodling guitars.

  • Model: Fender Stratocaster
  • Color: Unusual Blue
  • Date purchased: Early 2000's