Modifications/Anomalies: A lot: new tuning keys, re-cut the pickguard to a new design, new headstock logo decal, new tuning/volume knobs, hand-painted pickup cover, new Gibson humbucker in the bridge position, new Fender single coil in the neck position.

Details: While visiting friend Rich up in New Jersey, we dropped into a Guitar Center and saw this basic guitar in a display stand. Fender briefly made this hybrid Strat body/Tele neck combo and put crappy pickups in it. It was a take-off of their 1953 Precision bass with the Tele-style headstock and weird white pickguard (see pix gallery). Whereas my own red Stra-Tele is a Strat-Tele hybrid in terms of pickups, Nina is a Strat-Les Paul hybrid. I cut the pickguard to a less clunky shape (you can still see the old screw holes), and the tone knob is a pull switch to convert the humbucker from double to single coil. It’s one of the most fun transformations I’ve created. Plays well, sounds great. On a whim, I named it for my favorite porn star, Nina Hartley; if only she knew her beauty inspired more mundane pursuits. Guitars are girls after all.

  • Model: Fender Strat-Tele body hybrid
  • Color: Sunburst
  • Date purchased: Probably around 2008