Modifications/Anomalies: It has lost the small piece of rubber originally glued to back of the synthetic body that helps stabilize it when holding on your thigh. The neck at the headstock has a small crack in it.

Details: I traded a Gibson ES-335 electric for this Ovation in the early 1970’s. (See related story on the Home page.) At the time, Ovations were the hot guitar, combining an acoustic guitar with a built in electric (piezo). I played it constantly and loved it for a few years. (But the model never became a classic in the way that Martins did or that Taylors will.) Plus, on-board acoustic electronics have improved tenfold. The crack on the neck came courtesy of friend Jim. I had lent it to him and when I went to pick it up a week later it was leaning against the wall instead of in its case. I picked it up while saying, “Geez, you shouldn’t leave a guitar like that. It could get bumped and hit the floor and crack the neck,” which is when I noticed the crack in the neck. Cascading denials notwithstanding, I was way more careful about to whom I lent my guitars down the line. The other interesting story concerning this guitar is that when the basement in my California house flooded in the late 1980’s, I discovered the guitar case floating in three feet of water. Luckily, it kept a watertight seal and the guitar was undamaged. But over time it’s picked up a long surface crack from the bridge to the tail.

  • Color: Sunburst
  • Date purchased: Early 1970's