Modifications/Anomalies: None

Details: I had the Taylor 412 for a couple of years, and although great, I wanted a bigger sound. I went to see old pal Emory at Appalachian Bluegrass in Catonsville outside Baltimore. Although a tiny shop on the first floor of an old row house, AB is one of the top Taylor dealers in the country. Emory is the reason: laid back, friendly, no pressure. You walk in, take down a guitar, play, chat, jam. I always feel like I’m visiting a friend’s house; a friend’s house with lots of cool instruments. On one such visit, I pulled down the most beautiful acoustic I’d ever seen: the 614ce. Quilted maple sides and back, leaf pearl inlays. But the best feature is the full sound and easy playability. And the on-board electronics (“ce”) allow you to blend direct and mic-ed. (The direct input isn’t that great; Taylor has since radically improved its on-board electronics.) But it’s so pretty that I put a picture of the back of it on my album “Training the Beagle”. On a whim, I sent the album to Bob Taylor to thank him for the wonderful guitar. He wrote back that “Beagle” was his new favorite album and he added some of the tracks to the Taylor website’s Independent Artist section. I’ve used this guitar on all of my albums since then and recently restrung it with “Custom Light Gauge” Elixer strings; one step lighter than my normal gauge. It plays even easier now, yet retains its rich tone.

  • Color: Natural
  • Date purchased: 2000