Modifications/Anomalies: None

Details: In 2000 I had purchased a Taylor 355 12 string to replace a cheaper one that I had knocking around the studio. But I never got used to the bigger 355 dreadnaught body and commiserated with Emory during one of my visits to Appalachian Bluegrass in Catonsville. Two years later he called to say he had just returned from NAMM and had purchased two prototype smaller 12 strings from Bob Taylor. It seems Taylor had heard similar requests for a smaller 12 string and they had taken a 600 series body and grafted on a 12 string headstock (see photo for detail) and the 654ce was the result. Emory said he had already sold one and was holding the other for me to play. All it took was to open the case and see it. Well, actually I played it for an hour or so and it played as nicely as it looked. It was exactly what I was looking for, and that rarely happens when you walk into a guitar shop. It’s also incredibly beautiful: the 600 series quilted maple body, although less “swirly” and a lighter grain than my 614, is simply stunning. And the on-board electronics are pretty good. It’s always a pleasure to play and has made its way on to many of my recordings. It also takes the breath away from anyone who’s ever seen and/or played it.

  • Color: Natural
  • Date purchased: 2002