Modifications/Anomalies: None

Details: I first saw the Taylor Baritone 8 string in one of the company’s catalogues and became intrigued by the design. I remember having a conversation with a friend a few years ago about an idea I had for a six string guitar with added octave strings on the middle two; since the doubling of the B and E on a traditional 12 string can sound redundant, and the doubling on the A and lower E not always advantageous. And here was the Bari 8. So it was once again off to see Emory in Catonsville at AB. Playing it was exactly and nothing like I expected. It opens a whole tonal range not found in traditional 6 strings. The low strings almost shake the guitar when you dig in. And the middle doubled strings counter-balance the rich undertones. It’s the kind of guitar sound that you compose around, which I’ve already started to do. It’s also beautifully crafted: mahogany sides and back and other detailing. The new Taylor Expression electronics sound great through an amp; in fact I bought a small Fishman acoustic amp at the same time that’s really powerful and smooth for its size. And it sounds great to mic the guitar and the amp at the same time. The Bari 8 is still new to the collection and as such, its treasures remain to be discovered. An amazing addition.

  • Color: Natural
  • Date purchased: 2010