Modifications/Anomalies: Re-shaped the body and added a black metal switch cover plate to replace the stock silver one.

Details: I’ve always loved the sound of a Tele, but the body is clunky and heavy. Purists will say that’s the point and I suppose they’re right, but that’s why I created my Red Stra-Tele. Regardless, sometime in the mid-Aughts, I decided to take the Tele plunge and bought this American standard. I started by reshaping the body in a neo-Strat style: cutaway on the front left where the forearm rests, create a back scoop, and smooth out the horns. The sanding in the rear also brought out the coolest grain swirl. And the re-lacquering took so well that it blends in nicely with the original finish. I actually reshaped this guitar twice; the second time in 2010 to perfect the first attempt years earlier. I finally got it right and now play it all the time. I should note that son Ben has said I was crazy to take a belt sander to a beautiful Telecaster (he’s totally right of course), but even he’s pleased with the results.

  • Model: Fender Telecaster
  • Color: Natural
  • Date purchased: Mid-2000's