Modifications/Anomalies: Replaced Fender logo on headstock, new rails pickups, pickguard, knobs and covers, and new Schaller open-back tuners.

Details: I’ve always liked the look of a Sea Foam Strat. But the list price for a re-issue led me to my workshop. The trick was finding a body. Fender bodies are best, but the Squire line doesn’t include this color variation anymore, and the ones you find for resale online are way overpriced. I searched for bodies and parts for months and had all but given up when I was walking past a low-end guitar store in Rockville and saw a Sea Foam Squire hanging in the window. Two of them in fact. I played them both and settled on the one with the better neck. (Squires often have great necks; just depends on what you find.) I decided to make this look like something that come out of a case in 1962; something Carl Wilson might have owned. I upgraded the pickguard to a heavier W/B/W pattern, then replaced the knobs and pickup covers with more vintage ones. The rails pickups were the suggestion of guitar repair friend Walt. And I found the Schaller tuners online: open back so you can see the gears. Walt’s worked on a lot of my guitars over the years (pickup electronics) and when it was done, he said this was the most beautiful I’d ever brought to him. The nickname is for Veronica Lodge, dark haired, spoiled rich girl from the 1960’s Archie comics, thus settling the age-old question of Betty or Veronica. It’s got great punch with the rails and is very beautiful indeed. In fact, I think I’ve finally created a guitar that’s too beautiful to play. Truly.

  • Model: Fender Stratocaster
  • Color: Sea Foam
  • Date purchased: 2010