Guitars for Heroes

I’ve made a hobby of building guitars. It started some years ago when I was recording my first album and chasing a particular sound that I couldn’t get out of my store-bought Strat. I could hear the sound in my head, so I proceeded to follow that sound through my hands and created what I now call the “Red Stra-Tele”: Strat body, Tele and Strat pickups, maple Fender “C” neck and a red body paint that I found in the Home Depot house paint department. The hobby soon became a passion, and now, many years down the line, I have more guitars than I can play.

So, in conjunction with my good friends Lt. Col. (Ret) Steve Hart and Chaplain Derrick Murray at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA, I created “Guitars for Heroes”. The idea is to get guitars into the hands of deserving servicemen and women.

Below are some pictures of just a few of the guitars and other instruments, that I either created or collected, that have been donated to the GFH Foundation. I’m quite sure they’re in good hands now. As it should be.

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Play on!