Here are some reviews for Greg's music.

For the single “Waiting for the Truth”; title track from the album of the same name:

“‘Waiting For the Truth’ is nothing less than a masterpiece. The song’s crafty acoustic guitar strums are remarkable. The track opens with some handsome measures of piano before it leads into its folk-rock escapade that brings yesterday into the heights of today. Smith’s easy-to-follow lyricism and elegant prose add a priceless depth to the beauty of the track.”

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“Every once in a blue moon, an artist jumps out at you with an album so authentic, honest and unexpected, it reignites your passion for music. It enters all your playlists, you get it stuck on repeat and you recommend it to all your friends. Greg Smith is one of those artists, and ‘Waiting for the Truth’ is one of those songs. Stella songwriting.”

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“Grabbing us from the first note with a beautiful piano progression, ‘Waiting For The Truth’ transitions into an acoustic-driven, harmonica-spiced jam which features some mighty fine guitar work. If you are in need of some worthwhile Georgia-grown Folk and Americana music, Greg Smith has the fix you need.”

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For the single “What This Is”; from the album “Waiting for the Truth”:

"Based out of the beloved city of Savannah, Georgia, prolific singer and songwriter Greg Smith has a taste for music like no other. 'What This Is' carries a delicious country-rock flavor that is truly inspiring. A beautiful song that will have you focused on the repeat button for quite some time."

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"'What This Is' is a spot-on example of how to make music that highlights the traditional hallmarks of a genre, while retaining a genuine, personable approach."
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"Country tones meet balladic indie, brooding folk music waltzing with dark and portentous pop music…it’s difficult to really pin down, but then all of the best songs are!"
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"With a strong foundation in Americana and folk styles, Greg delivers an acoustic-driven, fiddle- infused, desert rock-esque single that is hauntingly awesome."

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"Greg Smith’s touch is light and dreamy, and the folk music is so elegant as to resist stereotyping."

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"With 'What This Is', Greg Smith crafts a timeless story, one that feels truly universal."
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