Hi there. Welcome to my site. Feel free to browse around and take in the sights.

I have written and recorded nine albums of my own music. You can hear all of my albums on all of the major streaming platforms, including Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play. The lyrics for all my albums are on this site on the Albums page.

You can purchase any of my albums on iTunes, and I’ve put one of my albums, “So it Was” on this site for FREE download (on the Albums page.)

From time to time I go on tour and do radio and TV interviews, and I’ll list some of these on the Tour Dates page. I’ll also include upcoming appearances.  Come out and hear the music live or tune in to the interviews when you can.  

I have a Facebook page (please “like” it when you visit) with videos, pictures and such; you can find it through my Links page. I also have a professional website, Pros From Dover Productions, which details my work in academia, film, music and the written word, as well as various projects and other extraneous ideas. Click here to go to that website, or click on the image below.

I love making music; hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for your support. 

Pros from Dover Productions